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CBD and menstrual cycle


Pre-Menstrual Syndrome, also known as PMS, ruins the lives of many women. Bloating, headaches, stomach aches or significant fatigue, PMS takes many forms and it is often difficult to combat. However, recent studies show that CBD could be the new ally of women suffering from this syndrome.

What are SPMs?

In the dictionary of the Academy of Medicine, PMS is defined as a: "Set of unpleasant manifestations, even pathological, which precede at the end of each menstrual cycle the appearance of menstruation: breast tension, pelvic pain, weight gain, headache, alteration of mood." PMS occurs a few hours and up to 10 days before the start of menstruation. From month to month, it varies, just as it changes for each woman. Note that it usually disappears shortly after the first day of menstruation.  

The most common symptoms of PMS include:

  • irritability,
  • a rise in anxiety,
  • bad mood or depression
  • headaches (cephalalgia) 
  • Breast swelling and/or tension

The SPM affects 20 to 50% of women of childbearing age and 5% of them present a severe form of SPM: premenstrual dysphoric disorder.

What are the reasons that cause the SPM?

The premenstrual syndrome can intervene for various reasons, including:

  • A sensitive genetic profile
  • a low serotonin level
  • a lack of calcium or magnesium
  • A high rate of aldosterone, responsible for regulating salt and water in the body and which can influence hormones.

    There are many reasons for this, but there are tips to help reduce PMS. The MSD manual, a reference book for all doctors and pharmacists, indicates that "Reducing sugar, salt and caffeine consumption, and practicing physical activity can help relieve symptoms, as can taking certain food supplements [...]".

    What happens during the menstrual cycle?

    If PMS disappears with the arrival of menstruation, some women experience a painful menstrual period. You may feel contractions in your lower abdomen. This is actually the uterus trying to get rid of all the endometrial cells, which contracts and causes pain. This phenomenon is called dysmenorrhea and can have a pathological origin, such as endometriosis, a genital infection, ovarian disorders, polyps in the uterus, etc. For 10-15% of women suffering from dysmenorrhea, the pain is so intense that they are forced to stay in bed for some time.

    The subject of women's menstruation is still under-researched and therefore many women accept the idea of suffering monthly. Until now, Western medicine has only offered two solutions to relieve women: taking a contraceptive such as the pill or taking painkillers.

    CBD to relieve menstrual pain

    For a very long time, cannabis, throughout the world, has been recommended to relieve women of their menstrual pains, in a completely natural way. In fact, in Ancient Egypt, Queen Hatshepsut consumed it during her cycle. Writings affirm that at that time, cannabis was recognized as a plant with medicinal virtues. Cannabis seed oil was used to relieve vaginal inflammation. If in the West, this remedy has been dismissed or even demonized due to the classification of this plant as a drug, in Chinese medicine, on the contrary, cannabis has been widely promoted (mainly in the form of infusion or oil).  

    Now that CBD is marketed in Europe, the scientific body is increasingly looking into the benefits of this hemp-based product, which contains no psychoactive substances, to help women combat PMS and menstrual pain.

    How does CBD work?

    The body has an endocannabinoid system formed by numerous CBD 1 and CBD 2 receptors, distributed throughout the body, including the uterus (2010 study). These receptors have a great capacity to interact with different neurotransmitters.

    In addition, CBD regulates adenosine, a hormone-like neurotransmitter, which transports energy through cells and helps alleviate pain. 

    When menstrual cycle pain first appears, many women take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as Ibuprofen. These drugs work by stopping the enzyme responsible for the production of prostaglandin. This is a hormone that is responsible for pain. Thus, NSAIDs help to reduce the symptoms intensified by prostaglandin, in particular, contractions and inflammation. Nevertheless, NSAIDs cause many side effects in the stomach, which can have serious consequences on the body. This is why it is essential to respect the dosage. CBD, on the other hand, in addition to acting on the nervous system, calming pain and relaxing muscles, has no such side effects. Thus, it is an ideal natural alternative.

    Consume CBD to relieve menstrual pain

    The most common and easy way to consume CBD to naturally relieve PMS and other menstrual cycle pain is through CBD oil. For more effectiveness, it is advisable to consume it sublingually a few days before the onset of pain and extend its use throughout the cycle. The consumption of CBD oil requires to know its body. As for the CBD concentration of the oil and its dosage, it depends on each woman. Thus, you may go through a testing phase. This is because each person processes cannabinoids in a different way. If you have never or rarely consumed CBD before, we advise you to go for a CBD oil with a medium dosage, between 5 and 10%. However, alternatives exist, such as CBD gummies special painful periods. These are becoming increasingly successful. Easy to use and very discreet, the gummies slip into the handbag and accompany you everywhere: in the office, on the street, and even in the subway.

    Finally, if you wish to consume CBD in a preventive way, it is possible to drink infusions or to add CBD, such as flowers, CBD butter or oil, in your food. Ingesting cannabidiol allows you to feel its effects over a longer period of time.


    Since it does not cause drowsiness, CBD can be consumed during the day as well as in the evening.  WHO, in a 2017 report, states well that "cannabidiol (CBD) does not appear to have abuse potential, nor is it harmful to health". Moreover, CBD regulates mood and stimulates motivation. The CBD has everything to become the best companion of women in period.