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CBD: Natural treatment for pain


While CBD is no longer needed to relieve stress, anxiety and promote restful sleep, it can also be used in the treatment of chronic pain. For you, we've delved into the subject and reveal why CBD should be carefully considered as a healthy, natural pain relief supplement.

The usefulness of pain
What are the different types of pain?
Relieve pain with CBD   

The usefulness of pain

Man with back and neckBack pain, arm pain, leg pain, almost every day you experience pain. It could be because you just got your finger stuck in the door; it could be pain related to sports activity or caused by bad posture. But have you ever wondered what pain is for? What is its role? Because pain, although unpleasant, plays an important role: to protect ourselves. Although the feeling of pain is deeply subjective, the triggering of the pain information mechanism is the same for everyone. When an attack is perceived by our brain, such as the finger stuck in the doorway, the nociceptors, the "nerve endings capable of transmitting pain-generating stimuli" (according to the Larousse) send an alert message to the nervous system. This message will then be interpreted by our brain. Once the information is processed, we receive a signal that tells us that the situation is abnormal, a bit like the fireman's siren... This is what we call pain. So, if you push yourself too hard in training or twist your ankle, pain tells you that it's time to get off your feet, literally and figuratively. That's why it's called a protector. Without it, we would not be aware of the damage we are doing to our bodies.

What are the different types of pain?

Belly -one woman

But pain is much more complex than it seems, because it is multiple. First of all, we distinguish between acute pain and chronic pain. To express acute pain, let's take the example of the finger stuck in the door. In such a situation, the person withdraws his finger at the first sensation of pain. This is called a reflex response. Chronic pain is pain that is felt for several weeks. It is therefore installed, recurrent and persistent. This type of pain can very quickly have various consequences on the person's life, with repercussions on mood, anxiety or sleep quality.

In addition, there are three different types of pain:

Inflammatory pain
Inflammatory pain, caused by inflammation. It is generally felt at rest and disappears once in movement. Joint pain falls into this category.

Neuropathic pain
Neuropathic pain is caused by damage to the peripheral nervous system. It is a chronic pain generally due to the compression of a nerve. The sensations perceived can be tingling, pins and needles, electric shocks or strong skin sensitivity.

Mixed pain
Mixed pain is characterized by both inflammatory and neuropathic components. This type of pain is most often experienced by people with cancer.

Relieve pain with CBD

Cannabidiol Chemical Formula and Hemp Leaf

Studies regarding CBD's effectiveness in relieving pain are ongoing, but it is already known that this cannabinoid can intervene to decrease chronic inflammatory and neuropathic pain such as rheumatic pain.

A Study dating from 2016 published by the National Center of Biotechnology Information (NCBI) reveals the effectiveness of CBD in relieving inflammatory pain, particularly osteoarthritis.

This cannabinoid has numerous CB1 and CB2 receptors distributed throughout our bodies. CB1 receptors control cognition, while CB2 receptors deal with the body's response to pain and inflammation. When consumed, CBD acts directly on the ECS and interacts with these two types of receptors. Thus inflammation is controlled and the sensation of pain is reduced.

The proven anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD can therefore relieve a lot of pain and products derived from hemp are aimed at people wondering how to relieve aches and pains, or how to reduce chronic back pain.

Depending on the pain felt, it is preferable to consume CBD in various forms. Indeed, for a localized pain, such as often felt following a sports training, a massage with a gel enriched with active ingredients will do you the most good. We recommend the gel Arnica CBD or Gel 10 actives by Kanolia Laboratories. Their action induces an anti-inflammatory effect that relieves pain locally.

CBD-based products

If, on the contrary, you are looking for something to relieve chronic pain and/or the side effects caused by such discomforts, such as increased anxiety or the appearance of sleep or mood disorders, CBD oils are recommended. Administered sublingually, they act quickly in the body and provide a feeling of relief. The different dosages offered allow a controlled use of CBD.Depending on your preferences, you can choose a full, wide or isolate spectrum oil. According to your preferences, you can choose a full spectrum, broad spectrum or isolate oil. To learn more about this, we invite you to Read our article on theentourage effect.

We remind our readers that CBD is not a treatment and therefore does not replace the taking of medication. We advise you to talk to your doctor and get his or her opinion on whether or not CBD is a good choice for you.