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huile cbd endometriose cbd/cbg/cbn full spectrum


10% CBD 10% CBG 10% CBN

In France, 10% of women of childbearing age are affected by endometriosis. The symptoms of this gynecological disease are numerous and the real feeling felt. To relieve all those with endometriosis, we have made a CBD oil, reinforced by other powerful cannabinoids: the CBN and the CBG. American studies argue that endometriosis would be caused by an imbalance of the endocannabinoid system at the uterine level. Use our pro-endo oil, rich in cannabinoid, helps relieve the evils felt during the cycle. The CBN is a powerful analgesic and therefore neutralize the pain. The CBG is an anti-inflammatory and excellent anti-spasmodic. Finally, the CBD helps to mitigate headaches and calm anxiety, which tends to increase with felt pain. We have associated these cannabinoids in a full spectrum oil enriched with turmeric. This spice cleans the liver deep and thus eliminates the surplus of estrogen, responsible for endometriosis.

This oil does not constitute an endometriosis treatment. It is not intended to cure, but to help relieve pain caused by this disease.


Oil MCT, hemp oil, CBD: 10%, CBG: 5%, CBN: 5%, THC: <0.05%, natural aroma, turmeric, terpenes.


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